A Little Bit About Us

             Executive Chef and Owner Haley Russell graduated from Lake Oswego High School in 2012. Her graduation gift from her mother was travelling to France (with her Grandmother Duck in tow!) to study the art of crêpe making with world famous formatrice, Madame Bernadette! For 10 days and 10 hours a day Haley learned the Art of Crêpe Making, taught in French! The crêpe recipe is a Secret that only Madame Bernadette and Haley share! Haley graduated as an Authentic certified crepe artisan! With her certificate tucked away safely in her suitcase she returned to America and was soon hired by a local crêpe company. In the spring of 2014, Haley sat down and talked with her mother and father. She was passionate about making crepes with love and wanted to start her own crêpe business, making delicious, Authentic French Crêpes the way she had been taught by Madame Bernadette! At this time Haley was also the coach for the Lake Oswego Junior and Youth Cheer Program Community Schools. Thinking this would be a great way to raise funds Haley made her business plan and took it to her mentor since she was 10 years old, local business owner Gene Wizer. Through the generosity of Mr. & Mrs. Wizer and the space they provided Haley, Crêperie Le Bon Temps opened for business on May 17th 2014 on the very corner she had started selling flower baskets when she was 10 years old to raise money to go to summer camps! Crêperie Le Bon Temps LLC., has grown! Slowly but successfully! Half way thru Haley’s first season Sous Chef Alexis Smead joined the Crêperie Le Bon Temps family and is still with us and always by Haley’s side spinning Crêpes. The Community of Lake Oswego where Chef Haley lives has been very supportive and invited Chef Haley to participate in the 2016 Festival of the Arts, An annual event exclusive held in Lake Oswego showcasing some of the most fascinating, exploratory, amazingly, creative artists. In the Spring of 2015 Chef Haley started her “First Time” program. The program is dedicated to providing to high school and college students an opportunity at first time employment. The First Time program helps empower today’s students into tomorrow’s future with learning skills that they carry throughout their life in the workforce. Chef Haley feels very blessed and Thankful and believes with all her heart, It truly takes a community to make dreams come true and empower today’s students into the future! Today Haley is focusing on growing her business through festivals and the many wonderful farmer’s markets in the metro surrounding area and is searching for that perfect spot to open her first Brick and Mortar, she is hopeful this will be in Lake Oswego. Haley is so Very thankful to the community of Lake Oswego and to especially to YOU for your Visit Today! The support for Crêperie Le Bon Temps has been Amazing and Overwhelming!

♥ Thank you everyone for your Support ♥
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